Science Gifts for Girls

Great Gifts for Girls that Love Science!

Girls that love science are awesome!  Make sure you are encouraging that behavior because we definitely need more women engineers, women programmers, and women scientists.   Often we may give a gift to our little scientist that leads to disappointment in their hearts.  Don’t worry, I am going to save you the heartache of trying to find the perfect gift.  I have gathered a number of products on this page that your girl will simply adore.

With fun building, engineering and robotic toys she can gain knowledge while playing. Here are few great science gifts for her that put materials, tools or code in your daughter’s hands.

Little Bits: They are the tiny circuit boards that snap together with the magnets. Your daughter can use her imagination and creativity to make anything out of it like bunny, alarm clock, etc.

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Snap Circuits: These toys come in wide variety, from basics to remote control drives. These toys might not see constant use, but they come out again and again. But few kids have consistently been able to get their circuits working and enjoyed playing with it.

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Lego Mind storms: Everyone is familiar with Lego and at some stage of life you too have played with them, and you remember how entertaining they can be. Lego comes in different forms- Lego, Lego architect, Lego creator and Lego friends. Though this mind storm Lego takes Lego to a different level. Now it has features of spying over others, programmable heart, robot instructions, and even launching a Lego Missile.

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Soldering Kits: If your daughter wants to become an engineer, than she must know how to solder things. With this kit your daughter has everything she needs to learn soldering basics with full protection.  The only thing you will probably need is a guide/book like the following

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Electronic Design Kits: These kits are great for kids to learn the basics of electronics and have fun creating new projects and models. These kits provide full procedure of how to construct an electronic model with its applications. Instead of buying a project book for them, an electronics kit will make them with availability of everything they need to make any project.  This can also be a great “do it together” project for you and your little scientist.

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Camera kits: Your daughter may know how to use a digital camera. But does she know how the camera works? With the camera kit she can learn about image sensors how it measures light and converts it into an image.

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I hope you have found something that suits your needs, or at the very least has provided some inspiration on the best gift for your little scientist.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Women Empowerment Organizations

Helping Women Find Their Voice

Women Empowerment Organizations help women by building their self-esteem, confidence and allowing women to be heard in the United States and across the world. They hold various workshops, networking events and mentoring at risk teens. Members believe that their contributions make a difference no matter how big or small. What women’s groups like this are trying to do is help all women have equal rights, and have the confidence to speak up.

Women Empowerment groups offer many programs and is made up of women from many walks of life. Some of these women include stay at home moms, graduate students, business owners, women doctors, teachers, designers and more. These are women from all walks of life and financial backgrounds. If you do not have a lot of money, you will not be looked down upon.

The organization was established June of 2006 in Erbil, Iraq. The main goal of the group is to consolidate women’s roles and their capabilities in the Iraqi community by enhancing social, political, economic and cultural participation. One of the main things they concentrate on is teaching women about the equal rights that they do have. They also teach them that just because they are does not mean that they do not have the same say as men that they are not beneath men and should be treated as equals when it comes to men not below them.
For centuries, women outside of the United States have been getting treated badly. Most of the time, they are treated like second class citizens that still have to obey whatever a man says. The American culture is different and since women gained the right to vote back in June of 1919 when the right was added as the 19th amendment to the US constitution, women’s rights in America have expanded. Back in the 30s, 40s, 50s and even the 60s, women were treated like they were owned by men. Men usually wore the pants in the family and handled most things. They handled the finances, what was made for dinner and it was the wife’s’ fault when the children misbehaved. We saw a big change in the 70s when women started to stand up against men and started standing up for themselves and becoming more independent. More women also went to work and were not keep at home.

In the 1960s, the assassination took place of three sisters and this sparked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women, celebrated every year on Nov. 25th and this celebration last for 16 days, ending on Dec.10th. Women worldwide celebrate this time. Ending violence against women is one of the top priorities of the UN Women. During this period, women are encouraged to wear orange to show their support.

Women Empowerment Organizations have chapters all over the world. You can join the organization and help women be heard everywhere. Great program to get teen age girls involved in as they offer mentoring and also offer tools to help build confidence and voice in young girls so they are not taken advantage of when they get older.

Women Empowerment Quotes

According to one popular religion, when woman was created, she was simply a woman per se: a creature to be woed by a man; a necessary partner of a man, as in ‘woman’. Woe to the man who allowed the woman to be so powerful by changing the turn of events with her ‘being a woman’ since the beginning. In the twists and turns of times, expect a woman to spice up the headlines each time. It doesn’t matter if she’s the heroine or the victim. She can stand side by side with a man when it comes to courage and bravery and pliant enough to crawl and waddle in her guilts and shames.

The truth is that women are primarily emotionally motivated. You only need to touch their heart, strum their feelings, and they’re on the go. There is no stopping them once they have started firing their momentum. They either use their mouths (nobody will dare challenge women’s reputation with words) or their charm (if they have any); women’s unique weapons that doesn’t cost them a cent but can topple a whole nation’s army

The records clearly states women empowerment quotes that will inspire and motivate the considered minority of the genders (until all other sub-genders evolved) for the rest of the generations to come. Mother Teresa amazed the world in her selfless service to the world’s poorest saying: “You cannot depend on the government; you have to do it yourself.” Born wealthy, Agnes Gonzha Boyadjiev, left her home and stayed in the place where she “can see the face of Jesus in clever disguises in the streets of Calcutta.” She seemed to have distributed all the love in the world when she said, “Go home and love your family” in her efforts to promote world peace.

Considered as the most successful businesswoman in the world, Oprah Winfrey bathes the world with her endless quotes that can make your day, save your day, and survive any day. She said that “God can dream the biggest dream for yourself when you can do only what you can and surrender.” And so it came to be known that Oprah’s little secret to success is surrender.

Armed with a biting tonque, careless frank attacks, and exceptional intelligence, Senator Mirriam Defensor Santiago of the Philippines, claims she considers herself the most romantic lover a husband can ever have Popularly criticized of her oozing confidence in naming and accusing face to face the robbers of government money, she never fails to dumbstruck her constituents if the breaks the ice revealing her naughty tricks like
dropping her clothes and underwear on her way to the bedroom calling, “Honey, I’m coming!”

Endless women empowerment quotes can be heard around the world and can be used as inspiration by less fortunate, discouraged, or broken women. Sometimes you may feel that you are holding out your hand for help and nobody seems to take it. You are left hanging waiting in eternity for the rescue to come only to realize later that the only thing that kept you holding on was a powerful quote you clearly heard and cradled in your heart.

Black women in technology

While black women may hold only three percent of all tech jobs, they are using technology in great numbers. Black women use technology more than the general public. Surveys by Essence and Time found more than 20 percent of black women used web sites on their cell phones to buy products and services compared to nearly 10 percent of other women.

A recent survey by Essence and Time found nearly twice as many black women said they spent between $100 and $500 on cell phones compared to other women. Black women were more likely to use their cell phones to browse the Internet, bank online, send email and go to social media sites than other women.

The number of black women in technology is increasing, too. A number of them are taking the tech world by storm. One of the top black women in technology is Angela Benton who founded Black Web Media. Her great website Black Web 2.0 creates a place for African Americans to get online news, resources and encouragement. She also started the New Media Entrepreneurship Conference to encourage diversity in the tech workplace. She co-founded the NewMEAccelerator with Wayne Sutton and was named one of Ebony Magazine’s Power 150.

Danielle Leslie and Arielle Patrice Scott, along with Virgilia Kaur Singh, co-founded GenJuice, a content aggregation site. Graduates of UC Berkeley, Leslie and Scott have been featured among the top black women in technology in numerous forums and publications. Corvida Raven has made a name for herself as a social media and technology consultant. She advises Intel on social media and was a TED community catalyst. In her 20s, Raven reviews new technology on a cutting edge blog and consults on social media to the Volt Unplugged Tour from GM’s Chevy Volt.

Other top technology stars who happen to be African-American includes Deanna “DeDe” Sutton. She is a tech entrepreneur of the first order, founder of CoCo & Creme and Clutch online magazines. These two outlets have become go-to places for the latest social commentary and breaking news. She is often employed as an expert of building digital content platforms for editorial brands and considered an expert on new Black media ventures as well as obtaining major online ad networks.

Kimberly Bryant is founder of Black Girls Code website that is proving influential in tech circles. It’s designed to help black and minority girls break into technology and coding slots. Charisse Conanon is founder and CEO of Smarteys. This is an online content system for cash management targeted to 30-somethings. Tara Conley is founder of Media Make Change, a mobile platform for young people in social service areas like foster care, welfare and juvenile court.

The list of black women in tech leadership roles also includes Janette Jolley, Nichelle McCall, Shireen Mitchell, Sian Morson and Amaka Okoronkwo. Jolley founded Sidewalk District, a groundbreaking e-commerce marketplace available through mobile apps. McCall founded BOLD Guidance, an online resource making it easier to apply to colleges on smart phones. The app also lets parents and school counselors track kids’ college application processes.

Mitchell is a speaker, organizer and consultant to underserved communities. She works with Digital Sisters helping connect women to technology. Morson is founder and CEO of Kollective Mobile. That company provides strategies and apps for mobile start-ups. Okoronkwo founded Jumply. This group grows business for women entrepreneurs by providing resources and mentors.

A lot of resources are being devoted these days to encouraging more women of color to enter technology fields and reach success there. African-American Women in Technology is a non-profit group providing a groundbreaking online website for education, support and encouragement of black women in tech. The group offers mentorship and a big sister network along with resume bank and other special networking and educational opportunities. They put on workshops, job fairs and employment listings.

Black women continue to make great strides in the tech world, though, according to African American Women in Technology (AAWIT). They are five times more likely to use technology than other women. The task of moving up in the tech world continues to be tough but black women are bridging the gap with the best still to come, AAWIT said.

Giving a Great Gift – Science Kits for Girls

While it used to be that many of the science kits were geared towards boys in generations past, so much of this has changed today. While boys tend to have a more natural inbred affinity towards science, many girls enjoy the thrills of learning about nature and science just as readily as boys.

In general terms, girls are often not as fascinated as boys with bugs, frogs, and reptiles. However, girls do have a fascination with many other animals and aspects of science. In fact, both boys and girls love learning about nature, animals, the planets, the oceans, and living creatures. In fact, both boys and girls are often quite fascinated by what makes all living beings and things grow and thrive.

When looking for creative science kits for girls, it is best to ask the girl or girls where their interests in science is. If looking to purchase a science kit for a special gift, or if the kit is for a classroom environment it is important to realize that there are some differences in overall science interests amongst boys and girls. While boys are usually more interested in ancient dinosaurs, girls may be more interested in the ice age when saber toothed tigers and wholly mammoths lived. Additionally, boys may have a great deal of interest in volcanoes while a girl may wonder about the power of waterfalls and geysers.

Because of these differences, it is important to look at what types of science kits for girls would be best suited to adapting to their differences in science interests. In commonality, both boys and girls are fascinated by weather and living things. These areas are a great way to hone in on and build on their love for science. Having things around the house or school like a water based barometer can be great. Using colored water for these types of barometers can teach a child to always pay attention to the outside weather for the day and keep their fascination and intrigue of science growing. Another great idea to keep a child’s interest in science peaked is to have small gardens or miniature indoor plants. Having a child participate in growing them from a seedling can be a great way to teach them about new life and their beginnings.

When looking at science kits for girls, there are some other great ideas to choose from. While a boy may love an ant farm and be fascinated with watching them climb and build, a girl would love to have a butterfly cocoon and harbor it and watch it hatch and set it free.

Another great universal idea that can be geared towards a girl is a microscope. Overall, both boys and girls can find a great deal of enjoyment and years of use with a microscope. While a boy may want to get a closer look at a dead bug, a girl may want to get a much closer look at the intricate detail of a flower, rock or a plant. Both of these interests get a great deal of attention when children are about 6-10 years old. However, a good microscope set is great for children of many ages and can be used well into teenage life.

Another great science kit for girls is actually one that boys often find fascinating as well. A rocket kit is a pretty universal science kit for children. Often times, both boys and girls are fascinated by the idea of space travel, and home made rockets can be a great way to get them to feel their own sense of accomplishment and fascination for this type of science discovery.

Rocket kits have the combined appeal for both boys and girls generally between the ages of 4-18 years of age. A rocket kit helps kids to see science at work. It also has the appeal of allowing the rocket creator to feel a great sense of accomplishment for their participation in creating the rocket. Since creativity is one of many attributes for girls that tends to be in the forefront, creating a rocket and decorating the outside with their own sense of style may be the perfect way for a girl to enjoy combining creativity and science.

Information for Women and Girls interested in the Engineering Fields